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LA County Bee Removal

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LA County Bee Removal

Bees are very beneficial to the environment; however, in some cases, they are a nuisance. When bees build their nests in heavy traffic areas or near outdoor entertainment areas, they pose a risk to those in the area. The most significant danger is when a bee stings someone who is allergic, or the bees feel threatened and swarm. Because there are dangers associated with bees, hiring a LA County bee removal specialist ensures the bees are safely removed and relocated to a safe area. 

Benefits of Bees

Bees are one of the most beneficial insects and offer potential economic benefits. Homeowners benefit from the pollination habits of bees, including keeping gardens and plants lush and full. Economic benefits include harvesting honey and beeswax from beehives. When bees become a nuisance, with so many benefits, do not destroy the nest or exterminate the bees. It is best to hire a LA County bee removal company to relocate the bees to a location where they are beneficial. 

Bee Hive Locations

For the most part, bees prefer to stay away from humans and go on about their business. Sometimes hives are created in inconvenient places where there is a lot of traffic and human activity. Bees attach their beehives to a home’s walls, in chimneys, under patios, under awnings, rafters, and trees. These locations are more attractive to bees and offer some protection for the beehives. 

Swarms of Bees

Bees tend to swarm when they are threatened and are defending their hive. They also swarm when there is not enough room in the hive to accommodate all the bees. Bees, including swarms of bees, are not usually aggressive unless provoked or threatened. If there is a swarm of bees nearby, don’t panic. Instead, call a local LA County bee removal specialist to help relocate the hive and find a home big enough for the colony. 


For the most part, bees pose little risk to humans. The only time bees will attack when they feel threatened. Otherwise, they tend to go about their daily business pollinating plants. When stung, some may experience an allergic reaction. Those allergic to bee stings will experience more significant symptoms needing immediate medical attention. 

Other risks associated with bees is damage caused to buildings and property. When filled with honey, beehives can be very heavy. Hives located on structures, such as walls or in attics, can weigh down the structure ruining walls and ceilings. Because of the threat of allergic reactions and possible damage to a home, homeowners may want to call for help removing the beehive from a LA County bee removal service company. 

Bee Removal Process

The bee removal process is when bees are removed from one location and transported to another. Bees are relocated to a place where they are cared for, safe, and pose little to no danger to humans. In many cases, relocated bees are taken care of by professional beekeepers and transported to open areas where the colony will thrive. To ensure bees are adequately taken care of, talk to the removal specialist about their process and inquire about what happens to the bees.  Call for an evaluation of a beehive immediately upon being discovered.

The bee specialist will determine if the bees pose a danger to humans or domesticated animals. He or she will also help identify the bees, reducing the fear associated with Africanized Bees – aka Killer Bees. The possibility of the bees being Africanized Bees is rare, but it is still a possibility. Once identified, the specialist will determine the best method for removal. Hiring a professional ensures the job is done correctly, safely, and the bees are handled properly. 

Hiring Help

When speaking with a bee removal service company, ask for more details about their experience and services offered. Please inquire for more information about their removal and relocation process and request to see licenses and insurance. Please do not allow the company to use scare tactics for rushing the process of signing a contract with them. Take the necessary time to research different companies and hire the best company for the job.

Bees are very beneficial to the environment, helping pollinate plants, crops, and gardens. Though there are some risks associated with beehives, the dangers are minimal. However, sometimes it is necessary to remove and relocate the hive. If there are problems with bees, contact a local LA County bee removal specialist to come out and assess the situation. The specialist can determine the risks and create a plan to remove and relocate the bees.