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Los Angeles Bee Removal

What do I do if there are bees/beehives around my house?

You have to make a decision on if you want them removed. Is there a hive? Are they aggressive? Are you or anyone in the house allergic? If so, then you need to contact a professional to remove them.

What type of bees do I need to worry about?

All bees can be aggressive. Especially if they feel threatened. If the bees are in very close proximity or in your house then obviously that can be dangerous. If you’re unsure then you can at least call a professional and get an opinion. Every situation is unique.

How much does it cost to remove bees/beehives?

There are many factors that go into the cost for bee removal. How high up is the hive? What kind of bees? How aggressive are they? How dangerous is it? Do I have to cut into a wall to access the bees or hive? If so, what kind of wall? We have enough experience to be able to give a ballpark over the phone for any situation. If we can’t then we would send a tech to give a free estimate. We work every day (weekends and holidays included) and offer a low price guarantee.

How long does it take to remove bees?

In our years of service we have removed bee hives the size of baseballs and bee hives the size of Volkswagens. It usually is same day service and mostly within an hour.

What is the process of removing bees?

This depends on what the customer wants. Some customers opt for a more cost efficient treatment and some prefer a total hive removal. Either way, we have to treat the bees first and then remove as needed.

How do we clean up after removing bees?

Once all parts of the hive are removed, then we would start removing any honey, honeycomb and/ or debris. The amount of clean up would depend on the size of the hive. That’s why it’s imperative to get a professional out asap. The longer you wait, the larger the hive, amount of bees and usually mess.

How much are the repairs after bee removal?

Sometimes no repairs are necessary like if the hive was in a tree. If we have to cut the hive out of a wall then we would make a clean cut and put it back after the hive was removed. There may be additional mud or paint needed but we wouldn’t cut into anything unless the customer wanted it done.

Do we trap live bees?

This isn’t necessary because if we performed a live bee removal then we wouldn’t need to trap them. We would just remove the bees on the spot.

We provide bee and beehive removal in all cities in Los Angeles county

Bee control is a growing concern for homeowners, businesses, and schools. Bee infestations can not only cause structural damage to a building, they can also be hazardous for people. All City Animal Trapping specializes in bee control in the Los Angeles area. We have been servicing the LA area for over 20 years and have helped prevent many bee infestations along the way. Not all animal removal companies are alike. All City Animal Trapping prides itself on humane removal and control. This is especially true when it comes to bee control.

Not every animal capture firm is comparable. All City Animal Capture prides itself on humanitarian extraction and restraint. This is particularly evident when it comes to bee management.

Bee and beehive removal is a delicate process which requires specialized tools and knowledge. Our team has the skills, expertise, and equipment to safely remove bees from your home or business without causing unnecessary harm or stress to the pests. We understand that not everyone wants to have bee hives on their property but we also understand that bee control can be tricky. That’s why All City Animal Trapping provides humane bee control services for all of Los Angeles County. With our help, you can rest assured that your property will remain safe and free of any Bee infestation. Contact us today for Bee Control in Los Angeles!

We look forward to helping you with Bee Control in all cities of Los Angeles County. All City Animal Trapping is here to provide Bee Removal Los Angeles and Bee Hive removal services in Los Angeles County. Contact us now for Bee Control Solutions in all cities of Los Angeles County. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to safely remove Bee Hives without causing unnecessary harm or stress to the pests. We understand that Bee control can be tricky, but with help from All City Animal Trapping you can rest assured that your property will remain safe and free of any Bee infestations.

If you are wondering, is there bee removal near me, we are here to provide Bee Removal and Bee Hive removal services in all cities in Los Angeles County. Reach out today for Bee Control solutions. We look forward to helping you!

Los Angeles bee removal

Humane Bee Removal

Where many other companies will kill or harm the bees, we use a smoking system used by bee keepers to calm the bees and remove the colony safely. After removing the bees, we clean the area and use bee exclusion techniques to prevent bees or other pests from inhabiting the same area. Other pests can be attracted to the honey left behind from the bees, so it is very important that the area be cleaned properly after the bee removal. Our goal is to ensure that you will never have a bee control problem again.

  • You may have a bee, hornet, wasp, killer bee, honey bee or yellow jacket infestation. It is difficult for the average person to tell the difference between these species.
  • It is important to address your bee problem promptly, as concerns of the Africanized bee, or killer bee, have been rising.
  • Do not attempt to remove the colony by yourself. You need a professional to safely remove any bee hive.
  • Never shoot, throw rocks at, pour gasoline on, burn or otherwise threaten established bee colonies. Again, you need a professional to address your bee problem and promptly.

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If you have called a company again and again to take care of your bee problem, but it keeps returning, you need to call All City Animal Trapping. We humanely and safely remove bees, clean the area and provide bee exclusion services to make sure the bees will not come back. Also, if you simply notice a lot of bees on your property, that probably means there is a hive nearby. Call us to address the issue before it gets out of hand. We offer free estimates and guarantee that we will beat any competitor’s price. Call us today at (877)724-5314 for your bee removal needs in Los Angeles, California. All City Animal Trapping provides expert service with unbelievable prices.

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We provide bee trapping and removal services to all cities in Los Angeles county.

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