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Eric: Hi Vic, how are you doing?

Vic:I’m fine. Thank you. How are you?

Eric: Pretty good. Wanted to ask you some questions that are our fans on our social media.  They have been asking about opossum removal.  And one of the questions that keep coming up is, are there any home read remedies to trap possums?  Like a do it yourself, kind of a thing.

Vic: Well, I mean, you can get your own trap.  But as far as like a deterrent to keep them out of the yard, it’s, it’s a little tough.  They can climb and they have all night with nothing else to do. They’re just always looking to forage for food, find shelter.  So you just gotta make sure, a lot of times they’ll crawl under a gate or hop, or climb a tree to, to hop over the fence kind of thing. As long as you keep that stuff in mind.  If you cut back trees or make sure that some gaps are sealed off in your fence or gate, then you should be okay for the most part.

Eric: Gotcha. And what are they attracted to? Are they the type that are kind of going through your trash or they looking for any kind of food in particular?

Vic: Not in particular.  Just looking for a meal every night.  They don’t, they have thumbs, like raccoons have thumbs, so they can actually lift the lid on your trash can and get in there.  Whereas the possums, they’re good climbers but they don’t have thumbs. It can’t really grab things like raccoons can, but they’ll eat rotten fruit. They’ll eat a dead animal.  So, and that’s all they’re looking for every night is just some food or shelter or both sometimes.

Eric: So, if they’re eating anything and everything, including dead animals and they’re outside all the time, they probably smell.

Vic: Yeah. I would assume so.  I mean, you know, anything that goes  few years without a bath is probably gonna smell, but it’s, it’s all the other stuff, too. It comes with it cause they still have fleas and ticks and have droppings, you know, they’ll leave anywhere. So that’s the stuff you kinda gotta be mindful of, especially if you have pets yourself.

Eric: Are they prone to attacking pets? Not necessarily, I mean, they’ll defend themselves if they have to, but they’re pretty conservative when it comes to that. They’re not very aggressive animals.  That’s where the phrase play possum comes in. Cause they kind of open their mouth and show their teeth to like, hey, don’t mess with me. Or, you know, you’re going to get these teeth.  But they’re pretty docile.

Eric: Okay. And if people have questions or want to get your service, uh, can you, what is your website that they can find you.

Vic: Uh, and all of our social media channels are there.  Some of the video content and amongst other things.  A lot of information on various animals as well, but especially that we have here in Southern California.

Eric: And if they have any questions, they can just pick up the phone and call and someone will be there to answer their questions on the spot?

Vic: Every day until 10:00 PM.   Yes, sir.

Eric: Awesome. Okay, well, thank you. Thank you for your time.

Vic: You’re welcome.