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Rat Removal in Attic

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Eric: Alright, so we’re here with Vic from All City Animal Trapping. And we’re going to be talking about some problems that people would have with rats, and in particular, with problems with rats in your attic. And so, Vic, first of all, what generally is the season that you have more calls for rat removal in attic?

All City Animal Trapping: I mean, here in Southern California it’s all year round, but it definitely does increase wintertime when it gets cold, it definitely increases.

Eric: Okay. And first of all, what is attracting rats to people’s attic?

All City Animal Trapping: Oh, it’s shelter. So when they have nothing else to do, you got to keep in mind. So all hours of their night, they’re just running around looking for food or shelter. I’m sure there’s no food in anyone’s attic. You know what I mean? So if there’s an opening, whether it’s on the roof, some kind of vent, something that they chew their way through, if they want to get in your attic, they definitely will eventually. And if you have an opening leading to your attic already, they’re going to find it eventually.

Eric: Gotcha! So they’re using it for shelter. Are they coming out of the attic during the day and looking for food?

When do Rats come out from?

All City Animal Trapping: They can, most of the time, they’re you know, nighttime active. They’re kind of on a nocturnal schedule, even though they are also daytime active. But typically they sleep during the day, you don’t really hear him during the day. And then at night, you’ll hear people will often say scratching around that kind of thing. It could be chewing somewhere creating a den, or also chewing a new opening or exit or entry or something like that as well. So yeah, they usually go out for food, and then come back and sleep.

Eric: Okay. And so let’s say someone has a problem with their attic, they’re having some rat removal in attic issues. When you come in, how do you resolve that.

All City Animal Trapping: I just got to do a full inspection, figure out how they’re getting into now. And animal proof the property, just seal it off. We have a lot of people, a lot of customers that lucky and leave a sliding door open or a back door open for the dog to go out and come as they please. And sometimes rats or mice just walk right through an open door. But most of the time, it’s something where they find an opening, an open vent, chew their way in, something like that. A lot of times it’s under the eaves of your roof. And that’s, you know, directly into your attic.

Eric: And so it has more to it. You’re going to do more than just come in and set traps, you need to seal off where they came in from, where they’ve been known on and things like that.

Where do you seal off?

All City Animal Trapping: Absolutely, because I mean, you could set a bunch of traps, and you might get lucky and catch them. But if the animal has options, it’ll most likely skip right by the trap and go outside and get food the way it normally does. Or if it’s in the house, you know, coming through a door or something like that, then it’ll eat the pet food or whatever is on the kitchen table or counter. it won’t necessarily have to eat from the trap. So ideally, you want to seal everything off, put all the food away, and leave food on the trap as the only food and basically force it to eat from the trap.

Eric: Let’s say I have a issue with rat removal in attic, I call you guys. Do you come out and inspect or what’s the protocol?

All City Animal Trapping: Yeah, yeah. The first thing in the attic, we go under the house, on the roof around the perimeter, anywhere we need to go to figure out what’s going on how they’re getting in and out. And then pretty much gameplan forum, let the homeowner or customer know what’s going on, what we expect, what we’re going to do and how we’re going to solve the problem essentially.

Eric: Okay, if you have any question about rat removal go to their website, They can get in touch with you from there. And thank you, Vic.

All City Animal Trapping: Yeah, no problem. They can call us anytime we’re open every day. Free Estimates, whatever they need.

Eric: Alright, thank you.

All City Animal Trapping: You’re welcome.