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Trapping raccoon


This cute little guy was at a grocery store in Anaheim. I got a call that a worker saw this animal, told a superior and they called us immediately. When I got there no one knew where this little guy was. They couldn’t tell me what kind of animal either. They just said that it was bigger than a rat. So, I looked all over the place trying to locate it and had no luck. As I was searching the store, walking around with a trap and a snare, I heard a scream. One of the stores’ customers must’ve seen it. It caused a raucous in the produce department. Looking back, I should’ve checked there first. He was under a display that had a bunch of apples and it was by itself. I just reached under and grabbed it by hand.

I couldn’t find any others or the mama. So, I took it with me and told them to let me as soon as possible if there’s any others. I was able to take it to a refuge where they would nurse it until it’s ready to be by itself. I’m always happy to do a live raccoon removal. I was lucky, too, because you never know what’s going to happen. Especially in a grocery store.