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A professional animal trapping and removal technician understands how devastating wild animals can be to a real estate agent. However, when an unwanted and nuisance animal settles in on a property for sale, animal wildlife trappers can help provide a solution. Skilled trapping experts have the equipment, understanding, and experience to safely, humanely, and effectively remove an animal from a property. Contact a company specializing in animal trapping and animal removal for realtors when dealing with a wild animal.

Animal Trapping and Animal Removal for Realtors

When the weather is beautiful, wild animals tend to make their way into residential and commercial properties. Though most of the time, the animals are harmless, many can cause damage to a home and spread infectious diseases to humans. In addition, having wild animals nesting inside or outside the home can cause many problems for a real estate agent. Not only can the animals scare away potential buyers, but they can also damage the property, negatively impacting the home’s value.

Hiring an animal trapping and removal service ensures wild animals do not become nuisances by removing them and relocating them into their natural environment.

How Nuisance Animals Affect Selling a Home

Real estate agents focus on making as much money on the sale of a home for their clients. However, several factors can negatively impact the final sale price of a home, including wildlife. Nuisance animals can cause damage to a home or property, destroying drywall, roofing, landscaping, and more. The repairs can cost thousands of dollars, which homebuyers may want deducted from the home price. Additionally, wildlife can cause a huge stink in a home from their droppings and urine.

When dealing with wild animals and selling a home, call for help from a company specializing in animal trapping and animal removal for realtors.

Empty Homes and Wild Animals

When a home sits empty for extended periods, wild animals tend to make their way inside. If there are any cracks or openings, wildlife can make their way into a home and build their nest. If left alone, two animals can quickly become a full-blown infestation wreaking havoc on the property.

Real estate agents should visit the empty homes they are selling to ensure there are no animals inside. If there is a wild animal inside, leave doors open to see if the animal goes on its own and then call an animal trapping company for help ensuring there are no more animals inside and install exclusion methods.  Many times you will come across dead animals and will need dead animal removal services to stop the spread of disease.

Common Places for Wildlife to Hide

Wild animals enter a property in search of food, water, and shelter. In doing so, they build nests in out-of-the-way areas of the home with easy access to what they need. Common places for animals to hide in a home include attics, garages, basements, under porches, sheds, and under bushes. When seeing signs of wildlife, these are the places to look first for confirmation the animals have stayed and built their nest. If the home is empty with no human presence, the wild animals will nest just about anywhere because there is nothing to hide from.

Signs of Wild Animals

The most common signs of a wild animal in a home are spotting droppings and urine stains along baseboards, cabinets, and other hidden areas of the house. The droppings and urine create a strong odor, so even if they are not visible, the smell may be strong enough to detect an animal in the home. Other signs may include seeing chewed wires, damaged drywall, wood shavings, or other gnaw marks. In addition, wild animals gather materials for their nests, leaving insulation destroyed.

Real estate agents must watch for signs of wildlife and call for help with their removal immediately.

Dangers of Wild Animals Near a Home

Not only can wildlife being present near a home affect its selling price, but there is also the risk of the animal spreading a disease or hurting someone. Many wild animals have diseases that quickly spread to humans, including histoplasmosis and leptospirosis. Additionally, wildlife carries an assortment of parasites, including fleas, ticks, lice, and mites, which have diseases that can spread to humans and domesticated animals.

Do not run the risk of someone getting bit by a wild animal during an open house. Instead, call for help from an animal trapping and removal specialist today to properly evict the nuisance animal from the property.

Wildlife Prevention Tips

The key to keeping wild animals away is to make a property less attractive to them. Eliminate all food, water, and shelter sources to deter wild animals from entering a home. Inspect the house for any potential entry points and seal them off immediately. Clean up the yard, removing trash, debris, and clutter. Trim back trees and bushes, eliminating nesting and hiding spots. A wildlife management company can help offer advice on what to do for wildlife prevention. The company may also provide services to help secure a property with various wildlife exclusion methods.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Trying to sell a home with damage from wild animals may be a difficult task. When hiring an animal trapping service to remove the animals, ask if they offer any form of damage repair or restoration. Many companies do and can help repair the damage caused by nuisance animals before selling the home.

Hiring a Reputable Animal Removal Service

Many animal trapping and removal companies work to get a real estate agent’s business; however, not all companies are reputable. Take the necessary steps to hire a reputable wildlife management company. Call and ask for a quote and to see proof of licenses, certifications, permits, and insurance. When it comes time to hire their service, make sure everything is in writing, including costs and everything included.

Before a real estate agent experiences serious problems associated with nuisance wildlife, it is best to call for assistance immediately. Call today for a quote and learn how an animal trapping and removal specialist can help with nuisance wildlife.