Rat Removal Palos Verdes

There are many pests in the world that cause a lot of stress for homeowners. These pests find a way into a structure, build a nest, and start damaging property and spreading diseases. In many cases, homeowners do not realize what is happening in their homes. This is mostly because pest infestations start slowly, hidden between the walls, in attics, and other low-traffic areas of the home. Rats are one of those pests and if not dealt with immediately can quickly grow into a full infestation. Upon the first signs of rats, homeowners must call for help from a specialist in rat removal Palos Verdes. 

Know the Signs of Rats

There are many signs rats could be infesting a property. Outside of seeing rats scurrying around, there are other signs to look for. These signs include seeing multiple dead rats lying around, gnaw marks on wood, and partially eaten food. Rats will also leave puddles of urine, trails of feces, and tracks just about everywhere they go. Once signs of rats are present, take time to reach out to a specialist trained to deal with rat removal Palos Verdes. Technicians are trained to determine if a home is infested with rats and offer the best solutions to get rid of them. 

Identifying a Rat 

In comparison, rats differ greatly from mice. In addition to being bigger in size, mice are generally a dark grey, while rats are brown or grey. Both pests have hairless tails, while the rat also has hairless ears. There are also various species of rats found all around the world. The most common species of rats which invade homes in North America are the roof rat and the Norway rat. Norway rats, also known as sewer rats, have grey-brown bodies, while roof rats are more of a darker grey color. Knowing the type of rat present in a home can help determine which method of rat removal Palos Verde is necessary. 

Beware of Disease

Rats are commonly considered dirty creatures mostly because they are known to carry a variety of diseases that are harmful to humans. Diseases such as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and leptospirosis can easily be transferred to humans via the rat’s urine and feces. When threatened, rats will bite, which spreads the disease rat bite fever. Other disease dangers include those carried by the parasites found on rats, such as lice and ticks. When spotted, stay away from rats and rat feces/urine. Call immediately for help removing the pests from the home and for a professional cleansing of the home. 

Call Immediately for Help

Do not hesitate to call for help upon the first signs of rats. Just like with mice, rat populations can spread like wildfire. Once inside a home, there is little threat from natural predators, temperatures are perfect, and there is access to an abundance of food. This means the rat population can grow exponentially in a short period of time. Rats, such as the Norway rat, can give birth every month to two to 33 young per little.

Hiring Help

Not only can having rats cause stress for homeowners, but the thought about having to find a reputable pest control specialist can add to the stress. Hiring a pest control specialist must be done immediately, however, it is imperative to pay attention and ask questions in order to seek out the best company for the situation. Call several companies for a list of services offered, including inspections, plans to protect the home in the future, and if humane practices are used during the process of rat removal Palos Verdes. Inquire about what the company includes in a service contract and ask if any follow up services are included. 

In addition to asking about services available, ask the company about licenses, permits, and training. Verify all are current, including those of the company’s technicians. If the company is legitimate, they should have no problem showing verification everything is up-to-date. 

Set Up Preventative Measures

It is always best to have preventative measures in place to stop a rat infestation from occurring. However, sometimes things get overlooked and these pesky pests still make their way into a home. Whether you are taking a protective approach or are reacting to a past infestation, it is best to check the home regularly to ensure rats cannot gain access to the inside. Prevention tips include eliminating access points, such as crevices in walls, as well as opening around doors, windows, vents, and plumbing pipes. 

Clean up the home, both inside and outside. Keep trees and log piles at least three feet away from the home. Remove any debris in the yard and trim up trees. Inside the home keep all food in sealed containers, as well as clean up after cooking and eating. Do everything possible to eliminate places for rats to nest and hide. This includes cleaning up attic, garage, and crawl spaces. 

Some pest control companies offer prevention tips and services to help secure homes against rat infestations. Check with the company handling the removal to see if prevention services are included in the contract. Most technicians are trained to help homeowners secure their homes and eliminate the possibility of future infestations. 

Paying for Rat Removal Services

There are many factors calculated when determining the total cost of rat removal services. The biggest factor is how large the infestation is. It may be a lot cheaper to remove a handful of rats versus hundreds of rats. The final cost is dependent upon the services included. Some services offered by rat removal companies include removal of rats, cleaning up after, follow up services, and preventative measures. A reputable rat removal Palos Verdes will be able to offer a quote outlining each service and treatment option available. 

A home infested with rats is never a good thing. These pests bring a variety of diseases and problems with them. Homeowners suffering from a rat infestation need to call for help immediately. Call a specialist in rat removal Palos Verdes today for an estimate, details on services available, and to set up an appointment. The sooner the rats are removed, the sooner homeowners can return to their lives with peace-of-mind knowing their home is rat free.