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Animal Trapping and Removal for Condo Associations

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Condominium living provides residents a shared community where they reside and interact with their neighbors. However, some unwanted neighbors — nuisance animals — which those living in condos do not want to interact with. When local wildlife becomes a nuisance in a community, hiring a company specializing in animal trapping and removal for condo associations is the best thing to do. 

Wildlife Trapping and Removal for Condo Associations

Like having service companies for trash removal and maintenance, an HOA must have a reliable wildlife removal service on speed dial. Wildlife services offer a wide range of trapping and removal services for condo associations. In addition, a wildlife removal company can help condo associations remove common animals, such as rodents, raccoons, bats, armadillos, snakes, squirrels, and more. 

Signs of Wildlife Near Condominiums

Wildlife turns into a business when they spend a lot of time around locations where people live and gather. Additionally, wildlife can find ways into a building, causing structural damage and spreading disease. Signs there are animals inside and near a building include seeing urine, droppings, chew marks, tracks, stashed food, and nesting materials. Strong foul odors can also be a sign wild animals have moved into a residential building. Call for help from an animal trapping and removal service at first signs of an animal to help remove it from a condominium building. 

How Wild Animals Get Into Condos

Wild animals are sneaky creatures and very resourceful when trying to find shelter, food, and water. Many animals can get into buildings through the tiniest of spaces, and others turn minor entry points into ones large enough for them to fit through. Common places where wild animals get into condos include roof vents, small gaps and cracks, holes, doors, and windows. To prevent animals from entering a building, do a walk-through and seal off any potential entry points. 

Problems with Wildlife 

Most of the calls to a wildlife removal company are from condo owners and HOAs claiming there are sounds of animals scurrying around inside the walls. Having a wild animal inside the walls of a condominium building can cause many problems, including structural and electrical damage. Squirrels and mice gnaw on electrical wires, causing shorts and fires. Larger animals, such as raccoons, birds, bats, and possums, spread diseases like Histoplasmosis and Leptospirosis. Additionally, the urine and feces from wild animals can cause mold to grow and create a stench in the condo unit. 

What an HOA Can Do About Nuisance Animals

An HOA can do many things to protect the condo residents and buildings from the infestation of wild animals. The first thing that an HOA can do, including, having a regular inspection of the property by a wild animal prevention specialist to identify any potential problems. Secondly, the HOA can hire a wildlife trapping and removal company on an ongoing basis. Keeping a service for animal trapping and removal for condo associations on retainer allows the HOA to call at the first signs of an animal without searching for a reputable service company. Finally, the HOA can offer tips to residents on how to prevent wildlife from being attracted to the building, such as keeping patios clutter and trash free. 

Wildlife Prevention Tips

The best thing that condominium associations can do to keep wildlife away is work on various prevention methods:

1. Keep individual condos and common areas free of debris, trash, and clutter.

2. Seal all trash cans and have them promptly removed from the site.

3. Close off any potential points of entry and keep all doors and windows closed or covered with a screen.

4. Advise residents and guests not to feed wildlife or leave food outside for their pets.

5. The HOA should work together with the residents to keep unwanted animals away from the building. 

Nuisance Animal Removal Process

Hiring a service for animal trapping and removal for condos associations helps ensure all residents remain safe and healthy. The trapping technician has the equipment necessary to remove and relocate the animal away from civilization humanely. First, the technician locates and identifies the wild animal; then uses the proper equipment to capture it. Once caught, the animal is removed from the property and relocated to a wild area away from residential communities and businesses. 

Damage Repair and Restoration

Sometimes when wild animals infiltrate a building, they can cause a lot of damage. Many animal trapping and removal companies also offer repair and restoration services. These additional services can help repair damage to walls, electrical wiring, and landscape. In many cases, cleanup and sanitation of an area covered in animal urine and feces are required. Animal removal companies have the equipment and the experience to repair and clean up after removing a wild animal safely.

Tips for Hiring a Reputable Animal Trapping Service

When hiring an animal trapping and removal service, hiring a reliable and reputable one is imperative. Call around to different companies to get quotes and ask for information about their licenses, certifications, and insurance. A reputable company should have no issues sharing this information with potential clients. Next, ask about the company’s and their technician’s experience and which animals they can handle. Finally, ask for any references or search online for reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings. 

All City Animal Trapping specializes in rat removal, dead animal removal, skunk removal an much more.  Keeping a residential area free of wild animals helps ensure the health and safety of those living in the condominium building. However, sometimes wild animals get into a condominium building and need to be removed quickly. Hiring a reputable trapping and removal service ensures the animals are removed quickly, safely, and humanely.