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Animal Removal Services in Los Angeles

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Animal Removal Services in Los Angeles

You’ve got a problem. A wild animal has invaded your home and you don’t know what to do. Wildlife animal removal services in Los Angeles is a company that specializes in removing animals from homes and businesses. Trappers are trained to handle most animal species that may be found living inside or around the property, some of these include raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels, and bats. Animal removal services can help with wildlife management near your home or business which includes trapping nuisance animals as well as providing information on how to deter them from returning.

If so, you may have encountered wildlife like raccoons and opossums. These animals enter your home searching for food, water, or shelter. After humanely removing the animal from your property, protect your home by sealing any entry points and modifying the habitat around it.

Call All City Animal Trapping today to learn more about how they can help! A team of experts will come out to assess the situation and provide a solution that works best for you. they offer same-day service at affordable rates so that you can get back to enjoying life as soon as possible.

Removing wild animals

The prevention of wild animals entering homes and property can be achieved by sealing holes that may potentially allow entry to these unwanted guests. However, sometimes an animal or pest already exists within a home which requires removal. they offer humane services for nuisance wildlife at your request such as trapping raccoon removal in the basement with cage traps or removing skunks from under decks using safe techniques so they cannot spray while they capture them into covered trash bins where you can relocate them away from your property without harm done but still maintaining their natural habitat intact!

Repairs after damage

Make your home safe, sound, and animal urine-free! Professional entry point repair services make sure that all of the holes in the walls are patched upright. Home insulation helps keep warm air inside during those cold winter months and cool breezes flowing through on hot summer days. Damage from animal urination or feline defecation can be devastating to a house’s structure as well as its resale value so it is crucial to have any damage repaired quickly by an experienced local team like us here at Animal Defenders Pest Services Incorporated.

California Bats

Of the twenty-five species of bats in California, 24 are found only in Southern California. While homeowners benefit from their appetite for insects, bats can be harmful as well: LA County regularly reports rabid bats across urban and suburban areas. This becomes a problem when these pests roosting in attics or sheds become infected with rabies after coming into contact with an already infested bat; if bitten or scratched by one of these sick creatures it is best not to touch them at all costs!

Maternity season is usually between May and September, so you can expect to hear baby bats in your attic during this time. To prevent them from leaving after they’re born (flightless), avoid any bat exclusion techniques.

Inspection – There is a small rodent living in my house and it makes squeaking noises. There are piles of droppings in one corner of the house or attic, as well as stains on walls that smell strongly like ammonia.

Trapping & Removing – You can only remove a bat if it is in the part of your house that is livable. You need to put a one-way door on the place where they live when their children grow up and leave.

Repairs – To make sure that the area under the roost is free of guano, we also seal all entry points so nothing can get in.


Raccoons are not welcome in Los Angeles homes, but they are outside. Indoors, the pests den in attics or chimneys leaving behind feces full of parasites. In yards, a raccoon may tear up grass or raise their young under porches; disease transmission and injury are also concerns if pets or people get too close to them.

Inspection – When looking for raccoon tracks, look around the home and in or near doorways and windows. Poop from raccoons is another great indicator so make sure to keep an eye out when you’re searching as well!

Trapping & Removing – One of the best and most humane methods of removing raccoons from your home is live trapping. This entails setting up a cage with food inside that the animals are attracted to, then once they enter you can close it off behind them so they cannot escape again.

Seal all entry points to your house, especially if you live near a water source. Ensure that there is nothing in the attic and clean up whatever messes are already made. Finally, make sure latrines have been cleaned as they can attract raccoons looking for food nearby or places of shelter during rainstorms.


Tree squirrels, flying squirrels, and ground squirrels are all present in homes throughout California. These pests like to live near neighborhoods because they enjoy gnawing on phone wires and electrical wiring as well as entering attics where they can bring ticks into houses with them. Squirrel problems vary depending upon which species is causing it but one thing that remains true for each species is their need to chew through things such as insulation around power lines or telephone poles.”

A tree squirrel is most active during the day while a flying squirrel is most active during the night. Understanding what time of the day you hear squealing or gnawing could help determine which animals might be in your attic!

Inspection – Tree squirrels can be identified as pests by the presence of chew marks on your roof, little holes in and around your house, dropping feces that they leave behind. It’s common to find nuts or nesting materials if you spot these critters!

Trapping & Removing – To trap a tree squirrel, live trapping is practiced. Tree squirrels are deterred from the area by using deterrents like ultrasonic devices and plastic mesh netting. Doorways that open in only one direction are used to let them out of their traps once they have been captured so that they don’t get confused or trapped inside again until you take it down.

Rehabilitating entry points is the next step in exclusion services after removing the squirrels. As part of this process, we remove debris, repair nest sites, and decontaminate droppings and urine.

California Ground Squirrel

Ground squirrels can cause many problems for gardens and structures. They often burrow under buildings, which undermines their structure and damages the root systems of trees in the surrounding area. Ground squirrels are also vectors  for diseases like bubonic plague or tularemia that affect humans as well as other animals they encounter by either eating them or contaminating food sources with infectious material from feces droppings.

Squirrel control during the winter is ineffective because most ground squirrels hibernate. However, baiting and trapping work well in summer or fall when foraging occurs.

Inspection – The squirrel is active during the day. It can be found in burrows and it causes damage to plants and structures around your yard or garden.

Control – Burrowing rodents like ground squirrels and prairie dogs can cause extensive damage to your property. They may burrow under foundations, sidewalks, or roads which could result in structural collapse of buildings and roadways as the soil washes away into storm drains where it pollutes water sources.

Rat and Mice

House mice and Norway rats infest yards and homes across Orange County. These rodents destroy property, staining floors and ceilings with waste while gnawing on wood trim. A house mouse or rat in the pantry can contaminate large amounts of food even causing it to spoil due to their saliva dripping through bags as they chew holes into them!

It is necessary to control the population of rats in order to eradicate them. A female rat can breed six times a year (a mouse up to 35 babies), so the technician will decide which trap is best and where it should be placed in addition to what bait will work best for attracting rats.

Inspection – The most readily visible signs of a rodent infestation are the sounds and droppings of rats or mice.

Trapping & Removing – There are a number of traps available for rats and mice.

Repairs – The rats are caulking any cracks they can find in the walls and mice are capping chimneys, putting enclosures over vents to keep them out.


Skunks are common in Orange County, so it is important to find ways to keep them out of your yard. Skunk burrowing can cause structural damage, and their spray can be dangerous if you get too close. For a skunk not to come near your property, remove all the food sources that they might want from around your home or shed where they would try to enter first.

Skunks get more aggressive during mating season, which takes place from February to March. Male skunks may spray when fighting over a female skunk and their smell can become overpowering if they are not taken care of quickly.

Inspection – Skunks have a very distinct odor that you could pick up on if one were to pass your property.

Skunk control – Live cage-type traps are a good way to get rid of skunks. Skunks can be excluded from an area by modifying their habitat or trapping them with live cages.


A gopher is an animal that resembles a wiggling earthworm. They are small rodents with long fur and can be found in burrows under the ground or their homes near plants they like to eat, such as grasses.

When it comes to getting rid of gophers, the best time is spring and fall when these critters are most active. Just look for fresh mounds in your yard or garden—this means that a gopher has been digging there recently! They can dig up to two thousand square feet every day so just one animal will have plenty of space underground. Gopher burrows undermine all kinds of structures including buildings and irrigation systems while they’re eating whatever you’ve planted outback.

The most practical and efficient way to deal with gophers in an unoccupied burrow is by doing the following: baiting or trapping. This method requires time, energy, and resources being wasted during trying times without success.

Inspection- Gopher Fresh mounds of dark, moist soil signs of the burrow. Using a stick to find the main entry point, I probe for the safety and comfort that is a home sweet home.

Control- Gopher Trapping. Fumigation. Underground fencing to protect specific areas of the lawn such as flower beds and gardens are all important techniques for keeping gophers away from your garden once they have been discovered burrowing in it or digging around its edges, but this is not a guarantee that you will never see another one again!

Repairs-  Mounds should be leveled.


Coyotes are a common sight in the Los Angeles area, and they patrol neighborhoods at night looking for food. In general, coyotes fear humans; however if threatened or hungry enough, these pests will attack any animal that comes across their path- including household pets.

Common Wild Life Issues in Los Angeles

Some common wildlife issues in Los Angeles are animal damage, droppings, noises, and odor removal. Animals can also track into your yard from your property or even get onto the roof of houses. People often find dead animals under their homes as well as bats inside walls and attics which need to be removed humanely by professionals like Animal Damage Control (ADC). If you have ever seen a raccoon waddling down an LA street then it is likely that they got entry points closed up so that there wasn’t a place for them to come back through after being caught elsewhere on ADC’s service list such as trapping skunks underneath units home heating systems!

When should I contact Animal Removal?

Wildlife in your home is an emergency. Be sure to call as soon as you spot any animals because the longer they are left alone, the more damage they will cause before being removed from your property by professional wildlife removal specialists.

What is the cost of Animal Removal?

The factors that determine the price of animal removal services in Los Angeles vary from job to job. The cost usually does not include entry repair and is determined by location, species, health/condition of the animals or their offspring in different areas inside your property like crawl spaces or walls voids, weather conditions at the time of service (i.e., windy), and time-of-year (summer vs winter).

Are animals killed by the Animal Removal team?

The team’s goal is not to kill, but rather exclude pests from your property. We understand that animals should be treated with dignity and respect and therefore only use humane methods of prevention services. California has specific laws governing what we are allowed to do when it comes to controlling certain wildlife species on our customer’s properties.

The removal method you should choose will depend on your situation. This is why they can’t talk about it more now. But if you give them a call, they’ll be glad to come over, assess the situation, and offer you a more in-depth wildlife removal plan.