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Bird Nest Removal

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Bird Nest Removal

Eric:  Hi everybody.  We have Vic here from All City Animal Trapping and wanted to talk about bird nest removal.  Vic, is it even even okay to remove a birds nest?

Vic:  I mean, it’s all situational, but it depends on the bird, you know.  So there are birds that are federally protected.  There are other birds that are protected by the migratory bird act which basically means from February 15th to September 1st.  We’re not able to go in there and remove their nests or eggs or anything like that. But when September 1st comes, you know, they should be gone and migrated already, then we’re able to remove the nest and then put up any kind of determines. So when they come back, they don’t just go right back to your patio or wherever they might be.

Eric:  Okay. And how do you get rid of the birds nest?

Vic:  Usually by hand.  If we, if it’s accessible, but it all depends because sometimes they’re in a third story and it can get kind of crazy sometimes.  It’s just on the roof somewhere, but they like to be somewhere where they can they’re they feel protected as well.  So they’re not always right out in the open, you know, a lot of times they’re in some kind of nook or cranny, that’s on the perimeter of your home. A lot of times on the roof.  So they’re away from any other animals that might be able to harm them or take their eggs or that sort of thing.  We’d like to remove the nest and clean up any droppings or any debris left behind and then put up some kind of barrier or some kind of deterrent, so they won’t come back and the problem is solved.

How to Stop Birds From Coming Back

Eric:  Gotcha.  So you have to do something once the nest is removed, or else they’re also going to just keep coming back.

Vic:  Exactly.

Eric:  And what do you do to create a deterrent?

Vic:  Oh, well, there’s a, there’s a couple detterents that we use that we like, um, it’s, there’s a few that can get a little crazy, I guess. So a lot of times there’s a gel we use where the bird actually sees fire.

Eric:  Hmm. Okay?

Vic:  Yeah, that, one’s pretty good..  There’s another bird deterrent that, they, it just makes them uncomfortable.  Their claws when, when they, when they’re on them. So they don’t want to be there anymore. And that’s more for, I got temporary kind of fix.  But most of the time, we like to make sure that any of those areas are permanently sealed off.  So you don’t have to reapply a deterrent in eight months, or keep coming back out to fix other areas that they might’ve gone to since you closed this one off.  To make sure that yeah, the whole thing is taken care of.

Bird Nest Removal Strategy

Eric: So the process of bird nest removal is to two fold. You have it, where you go and re physically removed the bird nest.  And then after that all these things that you’re explaining so that they don’t return.

Vic:  Yeah, absolutely.  Then, and then cleaning up any mess they leave behind and obviously the longer you let them stay, the bigger the mess is going to get.  You know, half of the people that call us are the ones that started feeding them to begin with.  And they have a problem.

Eric:  Now, is that a hand. Okay. Um, and how can people book an appointment and find you?

Vic:  Can find this on our website. It’s just and they can call us any day. We’re open every day of the year, weekends, holidays, and just give us a ring and we’ll take it from there.

Eric:  Alright. All your info is on the website, so they can, they have your on your website, you have your phone number, your social media, everything. So they’ll find you there.

Vic:  Yeah, absolutely.

Eric:  All right, well thank you.

Vic:  No problem.