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Catch a Rat in the House

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Catch a Rat in the House

Sometimes sneaky animals, such as rats, can find a way into a home. Once inside the home, rats build their nests in insulation, breeding, and damaging property. Rats not only breed faster than most other pests, they also carry diseases which are harmful to humans. Diseases are left behind in their droppings. It may be necessary to seek professional assistance to catch a rat in the house and rid a home of this unwanted pests.

Seeing a rat in the home is just one sign there are rats in the house. Many times when there is one, there are more. Most of the time they are out of sight. Because of this, homeowners need to know the different signs showing a rat has moved into the home. Other signs there are rats in the home include strange smells, teeth marks, rat droppings, and greasy fur marks.

Though most homeowners may prefer to rid their home of rats themselves, it is not always the best option. This can be completed by using poison, sprays or traps. However, because rats can carry diseases, if not properly disposed of once trapped, this could endanger the entire household. Plus, the chemicals used in do-it-yourself pest control products can be harmful to humans if not handled properly. Don’t do it alone. Seek help from a local company.

Pest control companies can help with a variety of pest problems, including rats. When scheduling the appointment, make sure the company has experience in dealing with rats. They may also be able to help pinpoint trouble spots in the home which are allowing rats to enter.

There are many different pest control companies available to help. Asking questions and learning more about the company is key to finding the perfect fit for a homeowner’s pest control needs. Here are some things to discuss when contacting a local pest control company for assistance with a rat problem.


Ask to see licenses and certifications verifying the company has had the proper training. Check with local officials to ensure the license is valid and which licenses are required to offer pest control services.


When inviting any type of service company into the home it is a good idea to verify the company has insurance. Ask for proof of insurance, the amount, and the expiration date.


Ask to see if the company will offer a free consultation and inspection. During the inspection, the company will be able to determine the problem and offer solutions on how to catch a rat in the house.


Ask friends and family for any recommendations for pest control companies. If they do not have any, ask the company to see any references. Reputable companies have references available for potential clients to contact.

Treatment plans

After the consultation and inspection, the specialist should give you a detailed contract. This contract should include the treatment process and detailed costs for each item in the process.

Follow up maintenance

Depending upon the severity of the rat infestation, most homeowners find additional checkups and treatments are necessary. Follow up maintenance every few months will help ensure rats do not return. Check with the pest control company for any additional costs associated with follow up maintenance.

Once the rat has been removed from the home it is important to keep the home clean and tidy. Do not leave food lying around and store dry foods in sealed containers. This will help prevent more rats from moving into the home. A local pest control company can also offer suggestions and tips to prevent rats from entering the home.

Homeowners in need of assistance catching a rat in their home should call a local pest control company right away. The company that is best suited to handle the problem will take the time to answer any questions and concerns.  In the end, the point of rat removal is to create a worry-free and safe home.