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Planning a Service

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Planning a Service

Planning a Service

Whether it’s ceremonial or informal, ritualistic or offbeat, a funeral provides an opportunity for family and friends meet each other and support one another in the beginning of their healing process. A planning a service consists of music, videos and pictures, poetry, or art in the remembrance of a life well-lived. There are many ways for what the service can be, and we’re honored to go all the way meet your specific request.

Our staff has the experience to understand and altruistically accommodate the needs of all beliefs, faiths, lifestyles, and relationships. We’re here to answer your queries and show you the decisions you’ll need to make. We will inspire you to take the time you need to figure out the most purposeful and proper way to honor your loved one and integrate the elements which you and your family will find meaningful.

Caring for a Loved One’s Physical Remains

Once you select how you want to celebrate your loved one’s life journey, the next decision you’ll need to take is how you’d like to take care of their remains. This can be a tough or emotional choice for you and your family. We will assist you by providing with the information you need because we help you to consider your options and make the right decision for your loved one and for your family. After deciding between burial and cremation, there are a some additional decisions you’ll need to make:

You will also have to select the place to do so.

No matter which decision you take, you will find us there to support and assist you in exploring your options and making a decision that you feel right for your loved one.  Contact us with any questions or thoughts today.