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Raccoons in the attic in Torrance!

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Going into attics is an everyday thing as an animal trapper. Some attics are definitely more “user friendly” than others in terms of space to operate, but they all seem to be 1,000 degrees. When people complain of sounds in their attics, 90% of the time it’s rats or mice. This time it was a young raccoon. Never saw the mother or any other members of the litter. So I grabbed it, sealed up the opening and that was it. What I assume happened is that the mother took all the others and left this one behind. When mother raccoons sense and danger (normally an adult male raccoon), they will remove themselves and all others. Adult male raccoons will kill the babies to force the mothers to mate again. That’s why mother raccoons are in crawl spaces, attics, chimneys, etc… is to have their litters safely away from adult male raccoons. If you have a raccoon removal issue or are unsure what kind of animal is in your attic or under your house, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to help in any way possible.