Rat Removal Beverly Hills

The Norway rat and the Roof Rat are the two most common species of rats in the United States. Both species have the ability to invade homes causing all types of problems. Common problems associated with a rat infestation include the destruction of property, the spread of diseases, and leaving a large mess for homeowners to deal with. Those dealing with a rat infestation need to immediately call a local company specializing in rat removal Beverly Hills to come out and help. This company will not only help remove the rats, but will also offer tips and guidance on how to prevent future infestations from occurring.

Identifying Rats

The two species of rats found in the United States are very similar and often difficult to distinguish the two apart on sight. However, there are some traits unique to each species that can help determine which species a homeowner is dealing with. The Northway Rat is very large and bulky, measuring about 16 inches long. Its brown fur is very coarse and the belly is grayish in color. The tail is shorter than the length of the body and head combined. It has small ears with no fur.

The Roof Rat appears slimmer than the Norway Rat and is light black to black in color. The belly is often an off-white to gray color. The Roof Rat is also smaller than the Norway Rat, measuring about 14 to 14 ½ inches. The tail is hairless and longer than the length of the body and head combines. The ears and eyes are also larger than those of the Norway Rat.

Rat Infestations

There are many factors involved as to why a building has a rat infestation. The number one factor is poor sanitation and lots of clutter. Scraps of food and garbage scattered around the home attract rats. Once in the home, rats are able to survive by eating food, paper, cloth, and wood.

Another factor leading to rat infestations is the age of a building. The wood interiors of older buildings attract rats wanting to come in to gnaw on the wood for food and to build nests. Construction and renovations are also another factor leading to an infestation in a nearby building. Construction in the area forces rats out of their current homes and into the homes of neighbors.

Identifying Rat Infestations

Rats are nocturnal and very active at night. Because of this, it is often difficult to spot a rat problem, unless paying close attention to all the signs. Some signs there is a rat problem include seeing live or dead rats, seeing droppings, hearing scratching sounds, spotting nesting materials, and spotting nesting materials. Other signs include seeing teeth marks on wires and wood. Upon first spotting signs of rats, immediately call for help removing the pests from the home.

Rat Problems

Regardless of species, rats cause a lot of problems within the home and can spread diseases to humans and domesticated animals. Physical damage rats cause include blocking sewer lines, structural damage, and destroying insulation in a home. Diseases carried by rats include salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, murine typhus and plague. These diseases are transmitted through rat bites and/or when there is direct contact with rat feces and urine.

Access Points

If given the opportunity, rats can quickly enter a building making themselves at home. As they enter, they bring with them a variety of diseases and leave a wake of destruction behind them. However, it is not always obvious how these unwanted pests gain access to the home. Knowing what to look for and immediately remedying the potential entry points for rats is key to preventing future infestations in the home.

Some entry points include cracks in the walls, vents, chimneys, gaps around windows, and holes in the roof. Immediately seal any holes, gaps or cracks. Also, cover the chimney and vents with a rat-proof mesh to prevent access. Those still in need of help identifying access points for rats need to call for help. Check with a rat removal Beverly Hills specialist for tips and assistance sealing up cracks, repairing holes, and help installing rat-proof measures.

Rat Prevention

Once a rat problem has been discovered in a home it is best to contact a company that specializes in rat removal Beverly Hills. The technicians will come in, assess the situation, and remove the unwanted pests. However, there are ways to prevent rats from entering a home in the first place. These prevention methods can be used to prevent rats from entering the home, especially in homes that have previously had an infestation.

The best way to prevent any kind of rodent problem is to be focused on keeping the home clean and clutter free. Most of the time, rats enter the home because they are looking for food, water, and/or shelter. Food and clutter give rats just about everything they need to survive. The next steps to take are reducing entry points into the home. Conduct an inspection of the entire home, pinpointing possible entry points. Then take care of pest-proofing these areas to eliminate a rat’s access to the inside of a home.

Removing Rats

Once signs of a rat inside a home are spotted, it is extremely important to get rid of every rat. If action is not taken swiftly, it can lead to a few rats turning into a full blown infestation. The greater the rat population in a home grows, the greater amount of damage caused to the home. Removing rats from a home can be a difficult and long process. Especially for someone who is not trained or experienced with removal of pests. Upon that first sign of rats, call a local company specializing in rat removal Beverly Hills immediately.

Having rats in the home can become a very big issue and if not taken care of immediately can quickly grow into a much bigger problem. Those needing help with rats can find help by calling a company specializing in rat removal Beverly Hills. Technicians with the company will inspect the home, determine the extent of the problem, and help the homeowner come up with a plan to remove the rats and prevent future infestations.