Rat Removal Hollywood

Rats are the most common pests found in homes and are very annoying. These pests not only damage property, but they also spread a variety of dangerous diseases. At the first signs of rats, homeowners must act quickly to prevent damage, protect the health of those in the home, and free the home of these unwanted pests. It is best to see help and hire a company to come out and take care of the rat removal Hollywood.

Signs of Rats

For some, signs there are rats in the home appear very obvious. They see rat feces, gnawed up wood, and even see the rats entering and exiting the home. Others, there are only glimpses of signs there are rats in the home. This is because rats are nocturnal and are most active at night. Because of this, without knowing the signs to look for, in the beginning, it is very easy to overlook the fact that there might be a rat problem within the home.

Common signs there are rats in the home include seeing rat feces in cabinets, along baseboards, in closets, in drawers, and in other areas where they tend to hide out. Other signs include seeing chewed up wood, grease marks along walls, nesting materials scattered around, and hearing them. Sounds rats make include scurrying, scampering, chewing, and squeaking. If any of these signs are present, reach out to a company specializing in rat removal Hollywood for help. The technician can evaluate the situation, determine the next steps, and help with prevention measures against future infestations.

Dangers of Rats

Having rats in the home can be very dangerous for both everyone’s health and the property. Rodents generally do not go out and bite, unless they are being mishandled or feel threatened. It is best to stay away from the rats and keep any household pets away. Rats transmit a variety of diseases through direct contact and biting. The parasites rats carry also spread a variety of diseases, including lyme diseases. Some rat-borne health dangers include rat-bite fever, listeria, plague, and salmonellosis.

In addition to the diseases spread by rats, these pests cause serious damage to property. Damage includes scratching up walls, baseboards, and furniture. Chewing through wood, cabinets, roofs, and other structural material to get to food and to build their nests. This is just some of the damage caused by having a rat infestation in the home.

Rat Bites

Though rats mostly avoid people, they do bite if they are mishandled or feel threatened. Their bites are very painful and can transmit diseases, including rat-bite fever. In addition to transmitting disease and being painful, rat bites and scratches can get infected. In case of a rat bite, it is important to immediately clean the wound with soap and water and control the bleeding. Once cleaned, apply antibiotic ointment and cover the wound with a clean, dry dressing to prevent infection. If the site of the wound becomes infected or a fever develops, see a doctor immediately.

Infestation Clean Up

If a home has been infested with rats, it is imperative to have a professional clean up job completed as soon as possible. This includes having the rats removed, infestation areas cleaned up, damage repaired, and prevention methods put in place. A rat infestation can leave behind a lot of feces and urine, which is very bad for a person’s health. Removal of this needs to be done properly, to prevent the continued spread of diseases and to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This is especially important in the areas where rats nests were located.

During the clean up process, it is also necessary to clean up the damage and make all necessary repairs. Repairs should be focused on closing up holes and entry points for rats to gain access into the home. If the damage is too severe, ask the rat removal service company hired to see if they can help with the clean up and repairs. If not, ask for a referral to a company that can.

What Not to Do

There are many things that need to be done once a rat problem is identified. There are also many things that homeowners should not do when they discover rats living in the home. First of all, don’t think that by adopting a cat, the rat problems will go away. Though cats are great hunters, having a cat in the home just to catch rats will help spread the disease in the home and the cat will live a short life because of rat-borne diseases.

If there is a dead rat, don’t just pick it up. Make sure to use gloves and take all necessary precautions to ensure any diseases carried by the rat are not transmitted to humans and domesticated animals. To prevent the spreading of diseases to pets and humans, it is best to call for help when needing rat removal Hollywood.

Rat Removal Companies

Hiring a rat removal company can be a very difficult decision. This is because it is important to get rid of the rats as soon as possible, but hiring the wrong company can cause more problems than the rats. Take a deep breath and start researching local companies and when you find one, reach out and ask clarifying questions. Ask more about the qualifications the company and its technicians have when dealing with rats. Request to see permits, licenses, and insurance to ensure the company is operating legally. Before signing the contract, ask what is included and what is not. Confirm if follow up services, clean up, and repairs are included or if they have additional fees for those services. Don’t forget to ask about any satisfaction guarantees.

Homeowners dealing with a potential rat infestation need to call for help immediately. The longer the situation is ignored, the greater the damage and more difficult it will be to remove all the rats in the home. Contact a rat removal Hollywood service company today for an evaluation and inspection of the home. From there, the progress to rid a home of rats is underway and relief is in the near future.