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Rat Removal Pasadena

Rat Removal Company in Pasadena

Rat Removal Pasadena

Having rats in the home is one of the biggest challenges a homeowner may face. Rats are responsible, indirectly and directly, for spreading of diseases and leaving a wake of destruction in their path. If signs of rats are discovered, it is imperative homeowners immediately call in help for rat removal Pasadena. Waiting too long can make a manageable problem one that is out of control. Immediately calling for help ensures all rats are removed and helps prevent any future invasions and infestations.

Signs of Rats

There are a few different ways to determine if rats have entered the home. The first way is seeing rats in the home and scurrying into the home from the outside. Finding a dead rat or two is also a good indication rats are present in the home. Another identifier is spotting rat droppings, which are commonly found in food storage areas of the home. Droppings can also be found under kitchen sinks and other areas throughout the home.

Other signs indicating there is a rat problem include hearing strange scratching and unusual sounds at night. Rats have very strong teethy they use to chew through just about anything. Look for chew marks on food containers and wood frames. Rats tend to be very dirty and when they rub up against walls and cabinets, they can leave rub marks, which is another indication there is a rat problem in the home. If all obvious signs of rats in the home are missing, check the perimeter of the home. If there are rats exiting and entering the home there should be tracks in the dirt surrounding the home. Call for help from a rat removal Pasadena company at the first signs of rats in the home.

Entry Points

If something in the home is attractive to rats – food, water, shelter, etc. – they will do what is needed to get inside the home. Rats can enter through the smallest of holes and cracks in the walls and roof. They can also gain entry through gaps in windows and doors. Some species of rats are able to gain access by climbing up trees and dropping down in through vents and chimneys. If the hole is not big enough, rats will chew the wood and siding making the hole big enough to gain access inside the home.


In addition to being destructive, rats are responsible for the transmission of a variety of diseases to humans. Not only do rats carry diseases themselves, they also carry parasites which carry an array of diseases. Diseases are easily transmitted in the air via rat urine and feces dust. Diseases, such as rat-bite fever, are transmitted through the painful bite of a rat. They are also transmitted via distribution of lice and ticks to household animals. Some rat-borne diseases include lymes disease from ticks, salmonellas, and plague.

Hiring a Professional

There are ways to remove rats from a home without the assistance of a professional. However, these methods are not safe, healthwise, nor are they humane. Poison slowly kills the rats and if the rat crawls into an inaccessible part of the home before it dies can create a foul odor throughout the home. Plus, it is not safe to try to remove rats without all proper safety precautions. Trying to handle the rats could lead them to bite and the movement disperses allergens, parasites, and spores into the air. This can infect the person trying to remove the rat, as well as everyone else in the home as spores spread through the ventilation system.

It is best to not handle cleaning up the feces either. Especially without knowledge of proper handling methods. This reduces the spread of even more airborne diseases found in the feces of rats. Hiring a professional to take care of the rat removal Pasadena ensures the rats are removed in a humane manner. Pest removal technicians are also equipped with everything needed to prevent the spread of diseases.

Infestation Prevention

Once rats are removed from the home, the next steps needed to take are preventing future infestations. Determine how the rats gained access to the home and what attracted them. Seal up any entry points, including cracks and gaps. Cover vents and fireplaces with a rat-proof mesh. Take time to clean up the home, by limiting clutter and sanitizing everything. Spend time cleaning up the yard, including removing large piles of brush, trimming trees and bushes, and eliminating any potential food sources in the yard.

Post-Infestation Sanitation

As mentioned above, rats leave behind piles and trails of feces and urine puddles. They also leave behind dandruff and the parasites they carry everywhere they go. Once the rats are removed, it is necessary to start the cleaning process, sanitizing everything the rats came in contact with. This includes insulation, flooring, cabinets, counters, and furniture. Depending on the severity of the infestation, it might be best to hire a company to come in and commercially sanitize the entire home.

Rat Removal Pasadena Company

Upon determining help is needed to remove rats from a home, it is imperative to find a company immediately to come out and help. Though it is imperative to call a company as soon as possible, it is also just as important to ensure the best company for the job is hired. Before setting the appointment, ask friends and family to see if anyone can recommend a company they have used. Also, ask to see all certifications, licenses, and insurance information for the company. Ensure the company and its technicians have experience with rats and are able to get the job done in a timely and effective manner. Don’t forget to ask about any guarantees and if follow up services are included in the contract.

Homeowners should not wait to call for help from a rat removal Pasadena company when they think they might have rats. Waiting could turn one or two rats into an entire infestation in a matter of months. The company will come in, conduct an inspection, and help the homeowner take care of the current situation and prevent future problems. Hiring a professional company to take care of the infestation ensures it is done efficiently and safely.