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Rat Removal Sherman Oaks

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Rat Removal Sherman Oaks

Rats can cause many headaches for homeowners. Everything from dealing with the infestation to removing the rats and cleaning up after to preventing the spread of rat-borne diseases can create stress in a homeowner’s life. To reduce the stress associated with dealing with rat infestations it is best to hire a local company specializing in rat removal Sherman Oaks. Rat removal service companies help remove the rats, sanitize the home, repair damage, and offer assistance with infestation prevention measures.

Identifying Rat Infestations

Sometimes when signs of rats are present it is too late and the rat population has grown into a full-blown infestation. In many cases, there are subtle signs rats are present in a home. These signs can serve as early warnings for homeowners to take swift action in clearing the home of rats. Early signs include seeing scattered rat droppings, puddles of urine, and debris from rats chewing on wood. Most rat droppings look like dark gray to black grains of rice, with sizes and shapes varying by species. Rats drop more than 50 pellets of droppings per day, which can be found in small piles and sometimes scattered throughout the home.

Other signs include seeing teeth marks on wood and cardboard boxes. Rats leave tracks in dust and dirt as they move around the house. These pests are very active at night and sounds of chewing, scampering, and squeaking can be heard. All of these signs are warnings that rats are present in the home.  It is time for homeowners to call in a rat removal in Sherman Oaks service company.

Rat-borne Diseases

Rats pose a great danger for humans and domesticated animals. Many diseases are transmitted from rats to humans and other animals through coming in contact and handling rat feces, urine, dandruff, and the parasites they carry. Diseases are also transmitted by inhaling spores from rat dandruff, urine, and feces. These spores are harmful and very toxic for humans and family pets.

Rat-borne diseases include salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and plague. Rats can also disperse fleas and ticks into an environment.  Which also carry their own set of diseases harmful to both humans and domesticated animals. Take precaution when cleaning up rat droppings and removing rats from the home. For the safety of everyone in the home, it is best to hire rat removal Sherman Oaks to handle the removal of the rats and the clean up process.

Entry Points

Rats gain access to the home through small cracks and crevices in the walls, roof, and foundation. They enter homes in search of food, warmth, shelter, and water. If holes are not large enough, some rats will gnaw through the wood until they can enter the home. Other entry points include through vents and chimneys. These access points offer access to the home and must be sealed off to prevent future access. Seal holes, cracks, and gaps with caulk and cover vents and chimneys with a mesh or grate that discourage rats from entering the home.

Rat Damage

Rats cause damage to gain access into a home. Once in the home, they cause even greater damage. These pests chew on just about everything, including wallboards, food containers, and furniture. They destroy insulation to use for nesting material and cover it in feces and urine. Rats gnaw on electrical wires causing fires and break through and/or clog pipes causing flooding in the home.

If a rat removal Sherman Oaks company is not called immediately to remove the rats, the damage costs can exponentially grow. Service technicians from the company will come out, assess the situation, create a plan to humanely remove the rats, clean up the damage, and create a prevention plan.

Rat Reproduction

Rats start producing young as early as three months old. Based on species, females are able to get pregnant up to 15 times a year, giving birth to six to 12 babies each time. It is very important to remove rats from the home immediately upon spotting one. Even if only one has been spotted in the home, it can mean there are many more out of sight. At the rate rats reproduce, two rats can rapidly go from being nearly unnoticeable to a full-blown infestation in a matter of months.

Clearing a Rat Infestation

Clearing a home of rats can be difficult for homeowners to tackle on their own. Hiring a rat removal company to come out and remove the rats will ensure all rats are removed and the home is clear of any signs of rats.

Handling rats and cleaning up after them can be dangerous for humans if proper safety and health precautions are not taken. It is best to take swift action and call a specialist to come out and help. The specialist will remove the rats, ensure the home is clear, and offer any suggestions and help to clean up and repair rat damage.

Infestation Prevention

The best line of defense against rat infestations is to reduce anything tempting rats in the home. This includes sealing up food and water sources, reducing shelter options, and eliminating any potential nesting materials. Conduct an inspection of the home looking for any entry points that give rats access to the interior. If holes, cracks, and/or crevices are discovered, take immediate action to seal them up.

Changes in home cleanliness, sanitation, and organization are key to reducing the temptation for rats to want to enter a home. Keep the home organized and stick to a routine cleaning schedule. Regularly clean up the yard, removing large piles of brush, trimming trees and bushes, and cleaning up deep mulch piles.

Hiring a rat removal Sherman Oaks company to help with an infestation offers homeowners peace-of-mind knowing the situation has been properly and humanely taken care of. Service companies are equipped, trained, and experienced to handle rats and the removal of these pests. In the end, hiring a company reduces the exposure to deadly diseases and ensures the problem is one handled.