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Riverside County Bee Removal

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Riverside County Bee Removal

Bees serve a valuable purpose in this world. Bees help pollinate gardens and crops and produce honey and beeswax used in many products. Ultimately, bees are a very beneficial insect to keep around. However, there comes a time when bees might become a nuisance and need to relocate the bees. If bees are becoming a problem, call a local Riverside County bee removal and control company for help. 

Benefits of Bees

Bees are very beneficial to the environment and the world’s economy. They spend most of their day pollinating plants as they gather up nectar to bring back to the beehive. They are also responsible for creating honey, which is used in many food products and for cooking. Also, the beeswax helps make products like candles and lotions. Because there are many benefits to having bees around, before exterminating, contact a Riverside County bee removal company to remove and relocate the bees. 

Dangers of Bees

Bees generally are not dangerous. They do sting, but mostly when threatened. A single bee sting is painful, but for most people, a single sting is harmless. However, those allergic to bees may suffer severe complications from a single sting. Other dangers include encountering a swarm of bees. If threatened, the bees will swarm, resulting in multiple stings from all the bees. Bee swarms are rare, but if a nest is in a heavy traffic area, it is possible. 

Removal of Bees

A Riverside County bee removal and control company specializes in the removal and relocation of bees. When beehives are in an inconvenient location, call for help immediately. Problematic areas include doors, along sidewalks, near where children play, and anywhere there is a lot of activity by both humans and domesticated animals. In most cases, the removal specialist removes and relocates the hive somewhere beneficial for the bees. 

Relocation of Bees

Beekeepers work day in and day out to ensure the world’s bees’ population remains steady and beneficial. Relocating the bees, instead of exterminating them, is one way to help maintain the bee population. Bees should only be removed and relocated once they have become a problem or a threat. A single bee here and there is not a threat and by no means needs to be exterminated. Call for help relocating bees once spotting a beehive or the presence of bees has become a threat to humans and domesticated animals.

Bees vs. Wasps

Knowing the difference between bees and wasps is key to determining the method of removal. The type of nest is a big keep in distinguishing between the two insects. Wasps mostly build their nests in wall cavities but have been known to build their nests out in the open. Bees sometimes like to nest in wall cavities but prefer to attach their hives to walls, trees, and overhangs. Before attempting to approach the nest or beehive, contact a Riverside County bee removal company to identify if they are bees or wasps. 

Additionally, upon closer inspection, bee and wasp features are different. Bees are furry and keep their legs hidden as they fly. Wasps have little to no hair, and their legs hang down when flying. Bee bodies are usually round, while wasp bodies are sleeker. 

Hiring a Bee Removal Specialist

When searching for a company to help with bee removal, do not be afraid to ask for qualifications, licenses, insurance, warranties, and processes. Inquire about the removal process and what happens to the bee post-removal. Verify the company and technicians are adequately trained, certified, licensed, and insured before agreeing to sign any contracts. If needed, ask about any services to help repair structural damage caused by the beehive. 

Homeowners noticing a lot of bee activity should contact a local Riverside County bee removal and control company to inspect the area. If there are many bees, chances are the nest is nearby and needs to be relocated. The removal specialist will determine the type of bee, develop a removal and relocation plan and help with any damage repairs caused by the beehive. Call for help today and have peace-of-mind knowing the dangers associated with bees are eliminated.