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San Bernardino County Bee Removal

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San Bernardino County Bee Removal

All right. So today we’re gonna talk about bee removal and more specifically San Bernardino County Beaver removal.  Vic from All City Animal Trapping is here to answer some of our questions. One of the questions that comes up a lot is, do you get a lot of calls for bee removal in the San Bernardino area?

Vic:  Absolutely.  For the area alone, probably more than half of them are for bees or wasps or Hornets. Absolutely, so there’s a lot, there’s a lot there for sure.

Eric:  Okay.  Can someone get like a free estimate over the phone or do they need to get out there and give them an estimate when you see what’s going on.

Vic:  It depends on the situation.  If the caller can identify and describe the hive, if it’s visible, then a lot of times we’ve been doing it for so long. We can give them at least a ballpark over the phone and then go from there. But a lot of times they’re way up in a tree or on the third story inside a wall, something like that.  If people will see bees wasps or hornets flying in and out of a hole in the wall. So we have no idea what’s in that wall until we get out there.  For bee removals, for free estimates, that would be the case. But if they can see the hive and describe it and really simple description.  Is it the size of the basketball?  Is it the size of a football, something like that? And then obviously it depends on what kind of bees and how high up and that kind of thing.

Eric:  Okay. And I’m assuming since you get a lot of calls San Bernardino County bee removal, you have people that can get out that are out there already and you can give them quick service to get out to San Bernardino County.

Vic:  Absolutely.  Multiple techs that live in the County and throughout, you know, absolutely. So they’re all ready to go. We work every day.  They have their bee suits on them, ladders on their trucks, ready to go for whatever kind of be removal situation or wasp removal, hornet removal.

Eric:  And let’s say somebody sees like a, wants to handle the bee removal themselves. Do you recommend someone doing this?  I think that a lot of times people are waiting for it to go away or maybe they take, they want to take the situation into their own hands. And then when that gets out of hand, maybe they’re calling you.  So how do you usually see this playing out?

Vic:  Usually plays out pretty poorly to be honest. You should always, if you have experience, obviously what you’re doing.  That’s one thing, but most people don’t when it comes to bees,.  They go to their local hardware store and buy a can have some kind of spray poison.  The next thing you know, they’ve got stung a bunch of times and you just have to be careful because they are extreme.  It can be an extremely dangerous situation, especially when people are deathly allergic to bees.  They might just be flying around a backyard and pollinating flowers.  But when you start spraying stuff at them, they start defending their home and protecting the queen.  Then it becomes an all out war. They get extremely dangerous and that sort of thing. So yeah, you gotta be, you have to at least be prepared.

You know, gotta have a suit on because you never know what the hive is going to do.  Also, what kind of bees are the honeybees? Are they carpenter bees or they Africanized, are they wasps or are they hornets? So they’re all different. They all kind of attack differently. But they’re all trying to do the same thing and that’s protect the home and protect the queen. So I would at least call around and see what kind of quotes you could get before you start trying to tackle it on your own.  But yeah, there’s been some bad ones. So a lot of times we go to clean someone else’s mess. I ended up in the house because they didn’t treat the situation properly. If it’s inside a wall and they treated it wrong, then they burst through the other side of the wall, which would be inside the home.  You’ve got a bunch of BS in your house

Eric:  And I’m assuming timing is everything at that point. So if you have a company that can get up there ASAP versus the next day, or, down the road, that it’s going to be a problem.

Vic:  Absolutely.  Yeah. If you start to sense anything, become an aggressive, you have children or pets.  The best thing to do is as least call around and see what can be done and go from there.

Eric:  Okay. And people can go to your website and get all your information there. The website addresses

Vic:  Yes, sir.

Eric:  All right. Thanks Vic.

Vic:  You’re welcome.