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Trapper Vic Reporting Live From Beverly Hills!

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Rattlesnake  I’m wrapping up a bee job in Encino. It’s the early evening and just when I think I’m finished for the day I get a call from the office about a rattlesnake in a kitchen in Beverly Hills. A lot of times with snake jobs the animal is gone by the time we get there but in this case it felt different because it was in the kitchen.

I got there as quickly as I could. The customer came running out as soon as I parked and said “it’s right here. I can see it.” I grab my snake stick and say a quick prayer (you never know with rattlers). I approach the area where she’s seen it. It’s definitely a snake. I try to stretch it out as long as possible to limit its’ striking ability. It takes a while because I’m human and it’s a rattlesnake. After wrestling with it (by wrestling, I meant totally pissing it off) for about ten minutes I kind of got a hold on it.  Finally, I’m able to pick it up and place it in my snake bucket. I put the lid on and it’s pretty much a wrap.

After all of that (about 15 minutes) I’m able to give my customer her kitchen back. Delighted as ever, she gives me a hug and tries to tip me. I refused and she kind of got angry. She said that I’d better take it. The customer is always right so I took her advice and bought dinner with it later that night. Very ecstatic that I’m still alive and pleased because my customer was happy I enjoyed a superb steak dinner. Not all days have happy endings, but this one sure did.

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