Squirrel quarrels.

I don’t think that squirrels get enough credit for how destructive and mad they can be. I personally like squirrels because of their many characteristics including erratic behavior. One of our trappers, Travis, will nurse them or care for injured squirrels until they’re ready to

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Dead animal removal studio city

Dead Animal Removal in Studio City

This is the carcass of a deceased opossum that was in a crawl space of a home in Studio City. The stench was horrendous but I was able to remove it and treat the area where it was located. I was glad that I didn’t

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Raccoon Damage

Raccoon damage in Santa Ana

If it sounds like you have a human in your attic, chances are that there’s a raccoon up there. Raccoons are the only animals that we deal with that have thumbs. This means that they can grab stuff and tear it right off because of

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Raccoons in the attic in Torrance!

Going into attics is an everyday thing as an animal trapper. Some attics are definitely more “user friendly” than others in terms of space to operate, but they all seem to be 1,000 degrees. When people complain of sounds in their attics, 90% of the

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Los Angeles bee removal

Bee Removal in Pasadena!

Do you hear buzzing in your wall? That might not be a wire providing power to your home. It could be a bee hive with honeycomb! We performed a beehive removal for a customer and it was in her wall! The bees came in through

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Pigeon trapper in Los Angeles CA

Pigeon Control in Venice

I was hired to solve a pigeon problem for a customer in Venice. The birds kept using his boat as a home/ toilet. He didn’t really care as he was selling the boat and just wanted the few pigeons gone. We went over a lot

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Dead Animal Removal

Do you have a lingering odor that’s making your home unlivable? Chances are that an animal accessed your property somewhere and died. Sometimes people will repair entry points prematurely without making sure that the animal is gone and trap them in the attic or crawl

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Are gophers tearing up your landscape?

Gophers, moles and voles can do a lot of damage and can be difficult to control. Especially if they’re coming from a neighbors yard who doesn’t really care that they’re there or a park or golf course across the street. We’ve seen them terrorize cul

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We Offer Full Attic Service!

If you’ve ever had wildlife in your attic, chances are there are remnants still there. Albeit, droppings, nesting materials and potentially a lot of other animal related debris. Droppings contain a lot of different bacteria and once dried, can become airborne pathogens that can lead

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