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Trapper Trevor Reporting Live from Beverly Hills

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I received a call from a construction company about a skunk in a hole. Turns out, the hole is 30′ deep and a live skunk is stuck at the bottom. Not sure how it ended up in there but they need it out before they can continue working on the construction site. My 30′ ladder wouldn’t fit in the hole so I can’t just climb in and grab it. I had to rig something up in order to snare it. It is a construction site so I had a lot of random items to choose from.

So I taped together 3 PVC pipes and put a rope through it. After what seemed like a lifetime, I was able to get the loop around the head and front legs. You have to make sure you get those legs in there or you’ll just choke the animal. Especially if you have to pull it up 30′. The construction guys were as pleased as they could be because me grabbing the animal meant that they had to work again. The site is now animal free! On to the next one…