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Trapper Trevor Reporting Live from Calabasas

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There’s plenty of wildlife on this side of town, but making house calls for bats isn’t very common. If you have droppings that seem to appear out of nowhere in the same location daily, you most likely have some bats on your property. Bats can be tricky. Firstly, they’re protected. We can’t trap, net, touch or really do anything else to eradicate bats. What we do is install what is essentially a one way door for them. It allows them to drop down and fly away and since they’re basically blind and rely on sonar, it does not allow them to get through and access the area where they came from. Once they figure out that they can’t get back in, they’re off to find a new home. Sometimes, it’s a different area that’s still on your property so you have to make sure you seal all potential openings before you start with the eradication. This particular home in Calabasas had bats lined up between the wall and patio cover. I sealed them in with 2×4’s leaving a small opening on each side and then installed 2 one way doors in the openings to allow them to come out. If you’re having a bat issue, please allow a professional to handle it for you. Again, they are protected and we need them!