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Trapper Trevor Reporting Live from Echo Park

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When I get a call from a business regarding a live animal, I usually have to put them at the front of the line. There’s a lot that can happen: they might be forced to shut down until the animal issue is resolved, there is potential harm to customers or staff, or you can lose business if customers see an animal. Especially if it’s at a restaurant. So first, I have to call all of my scheduled appointments and let them know that I might be a tad late. With live animals in businesses, I can only devote so much time to an on the spot removal.

If I can’t find it in the first hour or so, I will set traps. Luckily, this particular store said that they heard it in the vent in the ceiling of the break room. I went on the roof and saw that the cover was gone and that’s how the animal got in. I knew right away that it was either a squirrel or an opossum.

I went back in and asked everyone to leave the break room so I could start taking the vent apart and as soon as I did, I see a juvenile opossum. For some reason opossums always seem to get into places that they can’t get out of. I grabbed it with my hand, put it in a cage and put the vent back together. I asked the owner if she wanted me to seal the opening on the roof and she said her maintenance guy will do it. If he does, this problem is solved and if he doesn’t, I’ll be back. Off to the next one…