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Trapper Trevor Reporting Live from Norco

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Snake call! I like getting snake calls because they’re usually pretty exciting and your adrenaline is pumping. There is a catch, however. If I’m not able to get there within a reasonable time, the snake is usually long gone. But if I can get there right away, I challenge myself to locate and remove the snake and hopefully help the customer out with some peace of mind. I had a lady in Norco call about a snake she saw go under her deck and my first thought was “uh-oh.” When people call for snake issues, I always assume the worst and think that it’s a rattlesnake. She said that she didn’t know what kind of snake it was. If I’m doing a snake inspection, I’d prefer it to be in the open. Not in a crawl space, attic, under a deck or any other confined space. As much as I’d love to help the customer, I’m also a little protective of my life. Haha! So I get her info and head her way. I arrive in about a half hour and there’s not much I can do. She didn’t want me to take the deck apart, so I looked as best I could without doing that. I told her that I had snake traps and would be happy to set a few up for her. She agreed and I gave her my number and told her to call if she needed anything. Two weeks later I get a call that we caught a snake. It wasn’t a rattler (thank God)! So I went over there to remove it and set a few more just in case and I’m off to the next one.