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Trapper Vic Reporting Live From Sherman Oaks!

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I get a call from a desperate customer in Sherman Oaks (cue in scary suspenseful music!). He explains to me that he has a pool party today and that a dead animal carcass is in the pool.

I get the address, give him a window of time that I should be arriving and I’m on my way. I told him from where I was coming, it would take at least an hour. He called me every minute after that hour until I arrived. Dealing with traffic I rushed there as soon as I possibly could. I arrived to a group of cheers. I guessed that some party goers might have arrived a little early. I also was asked frequently if it is safe to go into a pool where a dead animal was. Not knowing the situation totally, I give the pool a good look. The animal was in the deepest end of the pool at the bottom.

I didn’t have an instrument long enough to snare it, so I put on the board shorts and take off my shirt. I jump in and didn’t want to leave the pool. It was definitely in the high 90’s that day. I go under and get a good look and as I get closer, I see that this dead skunk is a sweater. Great, I came out here to remove a drowned sweater. I dry off and hand them the sweater. ¬†They embarrassingly apologize and thank me at the same time. “No problem, guys. It happens all the time.” They kept trying to give me money and I just couldn’t take it. If I did, I would’ve thought about it all week and felt worse. I told them “I should pay you for letting me jump in the pool.” Everything worked out fine. Removed whatever was in the pool, the party went on and I got to jump in a pool on a long, hot day. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day. They were happy so I was happy and even if it was a sweater, I got it. The worst part of the job was that I had to take my shirt off!

Until next time folks!

Trapper Vic