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Skunk Under Your House Orange County

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Skunk under your house Orange County

Are you dealing with a skunk under your house in Orange County? Is finding a solution to your skunk problem a little difficult? Here at All City Animal Trapping, we have been trapping and removing skunks for many years. We have several methods that allow us to remove skunks from under your house. We also help keep the skunk problem from coming back. Our trained professionals are here to solve your skunk problem once and for all. Don’t sleep another night knowing there is a skunk under your house. Call to schedule your appointment today.

Orange County Skunk Removal & Trapping

Identifying a Skunk Under your house

Because skunks are burrowers, it is often a good sign that you have a skunk problem if you notice small holes in your yard. Skunks also dig deeper holes near your home or other structures. Typically, they are looking for shelter. Often, the easiest way to tell if you have a skunk is by their Smell. The spray that a skunk releases is a concentrated version of their own musk. This smell is very recognizable to most. You may also see signs of a skunk’s feces. Skunk feces tends to be approximately two inches long, half an inch wide, and often contains the remains of insects. If you are seeing these signs of a skunk, give us a call. You more than likely have a skunk under your house. Our team has been removing skunks in Orange County for over a decade.

Getting Rid of Skunks Under Your House

Orange County Skunk Removal & TrappingIt is very common for skunks to seek shelter in the earlier months of winter. Often a mate will join the other skunk under the house. When a male approaches a female, the female may choose to reject him.  Often, this results in a defensive spray which will leave your basement or foundation smelling very badly. Skunks may have a litter of two to ten kits in late April or May, and these babies need to be handled carefully as they will spray anything that startles or frightens them. Removing skunks from under your house is not an easy task. If you are in Orange County and need this removal done right, call our professionals today.

Skunks Under Your House

The best way to deal with skunks under your house in Orange county is to find their entry point and, use traps to capture the adults. If there are babies, which are capable of leaving their den, we may use exclusion tactics, to remove them from your home. Once the skunks are safely removed, be sure to seal up any entry points. Chemical sprays are available to remove any musk, which will otherwise permeate your home and last for six months or more.

Once your Orange County yard is skunk-free, it is then necessary to create a means to keep them out or discourage them from returning. There are several methods to help keep skunks away. Use one or more of these methods to keep them (and other animals) from returning:

We are the professional skunk removers in Orange County