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Do you have a pigeon problem?

We can help. At All City Animal Trapping, we know that modern construction methods in Orange County create openings for opportunistic animals. Pigeons are one of the most opportunistic, as they are a highly adaptable nuisance bird. They have no fear of humans which brings them into intimate proximity with us on a daily basis, and their diet almost solely consists of human leftovers. They are one of the most common problematic birds in high-density cities in Orange County. Let us help solve your pigeon problem.

The Pigeon is a robust gray bird with a short neck. Their feet are designed for perching on ledges and awnings. If a Pigeon can land and stand comfortably it is a place they can roost, and the major concern with Pigeons comes from their roosting habits. They are always found in large numbers stacked on top of one another, creating unsanitary, disease rich environments. Pigeon waste is caustic and will cause permanent damage to concrete and stonework. In many large cities, water contamination from Pigeon excrement is a major health concern. If you see a Pigeon on your property call us today for a free quote (877) 724-5314.

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Facts about Pigeons:

  • Pigeons are almost exclusively found in cities with high-density populations. This is due to the abundant amount of waste created which doubles as the Pigeons main food supply.
  • The inhalation of the dust created by Pigeon waste causes histoplasmosis. This is a fungal infection that can spread from the lungs and become fatal to humans.
  • If a Pigeon nest is found near or on your home or property. It is important to have it removed and the area cleaned, disinfected and have exclusion techniques put in place.

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We are professional Pigeon Trappers

At All City Animal Trapping, our highly trained technicians have over 20 years experience with Pigeon removal and control in the Orange County area. The removal and exclusion of Pigeons must be done by trained professionals. When we get a Pigeon control call, our first step is to do a thorough inspection of property not just the structures where Pigeons have roosted. We identify all the nests and potential roosting sites. Then we set our traps. After all of the Pigeons have been removed we sanitize, disinfect and deep clean all the areas that have been affected by Pigeons. Our next step is to secure any openings by installing netting and/or preventative Pigeon spikes to ensure that Pigeons cannot return to your home or office to roost.

All City Animal Trapping is your one-stop shop for Pigeon removal and exclusion in Orange County. Our technicians are knowledgeable, punctual, informative and professional. We can help you the same day you call us. Dial (877) 724-5314 for a free quote and take care of your Pigeon problem once and for all. We Speak With A Live Trapper Now.

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We provide pigeon trapping and removal service to all cities in Orange County county.