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Dead Animal Removal in Orange County

Dead Animal Removal in Orange County

Dead animal removal can be an arduous task

Crawling into small, tight spaces can be dangerous and very tolling on the body. Typically when an animal is sick or injured, their first instinct is to find a safe place to hide where they are not vulnerable. When the animal passes, they are usually in the most inconvenient spot for us humans. After a while, the animal starts to rot, attracting other animals and insects, leaving a pungent smell and increasing the likely hood of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Orange County dead animal removal

Dead animals leave behind:

  • Odors. The smell dead animals leave behind is awful. We locate the smell and completely clean, disinfect and deodorize all of the areas affected in your home.
  • Flies. They are attracted to rotting meat for the same reason they’re attracted to wet garbage and feces: it’s odorous and easy to find. The pungent, unmistakable smell of rotting meat is easy for flies to sniff out, giving these opportunistic feeders an easy way to find their next meals.
  • Health risks. Many concerning health risks surround dead animals. Be cautious if you find one. Call a professional immediately!

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We have experience removing dead animals

At All City Animal Trapping, we know that dead animals are found in many different places, such as attics, walls, chimneys, ducts, vents, and under the house. We know exactly how to locate and remove a dead animal. Removing a dead animal from your home immediately is crucial, as they can carry disease and pose health risks to your family. All City Animal Trapping cleans, disinfects and deodorizes the areas in your home that were affected by the dead animal, to ensure that your home is safe and smell free. We work in a timely manner, leaving no trace of a dead animal behind. Our professionals have a lot of experience with dead animal removal.

We do the job right, the first time. For dead animal removal in the Orange County area, call All City Animal Trapping at (877) 724-5314 today! We give free quotes and beat all of our competitors’ prices. For the best service at the best price in Orange County, use All City Animal Trapping.

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