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A feral cat, also known as a stray cat, refers to a cat that’s never been domesticated. These cats are born in the wild and are not used to human contact. They scavenge neighborhoods looking for scraps. And commonly fight and impregnate other cats in the area. This can really cause a lot of trouble for you and your pets. Not to mention, feral cats can carry a vast amount of diseases. These diseases can be transferred to, not only your cat but your family as well. Please be careful when encountering a feral cat in the Orange County area.

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Feral cats may have:

  • Allergies – Stray cats, who have not had shots, will have several things wrong with them starting with allergies.
  • Rabies – Like all stray animals, feral cats commonly have rabies.
  • Ringworm – A common fungal infection that affects the hair, skin, and nails. It is the most common contagious skin infection found in feral cats.

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All City Animal Trapping does not recommend that you attempt to trap or corner a feral cat on your own. Our professionals have been trapping feral cats in the Orange County area for over 20 years. We only employ the safest and most humane trapping techniques. Once the cat is properly trapped, we safely transfer it to the closest humane society. At the humane society, the cats are loved, properly domesticated and given to a good home.

At All City Animal Trapping, we get the job done right the first time. We pride ourselves on a job well done and customer satisfaction. Our expertly trained field experts handle every situation with the utmost safety and care. Our professionals have been doing feral cat removal in the Orange County. To safely and humanely take care of your feral cat problem in Orange County, call All City Animal Trapping today.

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