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Orange County Raccoon Removal

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Have a problem with Raccoons?

Let us help you. We know that raccoons are one of nature’s most resourceful animals. Their adaptation to urban environments has made them a very common resident in Orange County. Never approach a Raccoon.  Do not attempt to remove one from your property without professional help. They can be ferocious and very aggressive. If you think a Raccoon has taken up residence in your home or business call us for a free quote (877) 724-5314. We are the professionals.

Orange County raccoon trapping and removal

How to spot a Raccoon infestation:

  • Feet Tracks around your property of a size similar to a small dog.
  • Fecal matter 2-3 inches in length.
  • Heavy thumping coming from your ceiling or walls.
  • Overturned garbage bins and litter scattered throughout your yard.

Raccoons are threatening

The Raccoon is an opportunistic omnivore. Above all, they will go to great lengths to get food. They will create dens in your home. Raccoons like  attics, chimneys and even inside walls. Critters like these are distinctive looking and easy to identify.  They are intrusion and make a lot of noise. Raccoons are very destructive. They defecate in the same area which will damage drywall and insulation. The CDC has named them “the most dangerous attic dwelling” animal. They are carriers of Raccoon Roundworm, Giardia Lamblia, and Rocky Mountain Fever. Their opposable thumbs allow them to remove lids and access your garbage bins. They are also very smart.

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We are professional raccoon removers

At All City Animal Trapping, we know that the Raccoon removal in Orange County is a very dangerous job. The longer a Raccoon has lived on your property the more difficult it will be to control the problem. If you suspect a Raccoon has created a den on your property call All City Animal Trapping today (877) 724-5314. We have over 20 years experience. Our team will safely and humanely trapping and removing Raccoons from the property of Orange County residents.

Once the critter is gone we will clean and repair any areas affected by the animal. We will implement our successful exclusion techniques and ensure that Raccoons will never be able to enter your home or office again. We will get the job done right the first time and beat any competitors price.

Call anytime for a FREE Quote! 877-724-5314 Let us beat any competitor’s price!

We provide raccoon trapping and removal service to all cities in Orange County county.