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Dead Animal Removal in San Bernardino

Professional San Bernardino Dead Animal Removal Service

Do you need a dead animal removed?

We can help. Animal removal can be quite difficult. For example, when an animal is sick or injured, their first instinct is to find a place to hide where they will be safe and not in harms way. Usually, when these dying animals find a place in your home, they find the tightest, most inconvenient spots and removing them becomes a difficult job.

When an animal passes away, it attracts all sorts of different predators and pests. Oftentimes when we remove dead animals, they are covered in maggots, ticks and other creatures that can bring diseases into your home. It is best that once you find or smell a dead animal on your property, to call your local professional as soon as possible. All City Animal Trapping has been servicing the San Bernardino area for many years now and gets the job done right the first time.

Dead animal removal in San Bernardino CA

Things to consider when dealing with a dead animal:

  • Many concerning health risks surround dead animals. Be safe if you find one and keep your distance. Call a professional immediately!
  • Flies are attracted to rotting meat for the same reason they’re attracted to wet garbage and feces, it’s odorous and easy to find. The pungent, unmistakable smell of rotting meat is easy for flies to sniff out, giving these opportunistic feeders an easy way to find their next meals.

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We are professionals in removing dead animals

In our experience at All City Animal Trapping, dead animals can pose a lot of different problems. Our professionals in San Bernardino have found daed animals in attics, walls, chimneys, ducts, vents and even under the house. Once we find the animal, we remove it and clear out any extra crud that was with the animal. Then we use the best tools and cleaners to disinfect and deodorize the area completely, leaving no trace behind. All City Animal Trapping removes the carcass and decontaminates and deodorizes the area where the dead animal is found.

Not all trapping companies take this extra step, but it is important because leaving any trace behind could attract other animals and pests. We also repair and install exclusion barriers to ensure that another dead animal won’t crawl into that same space. Our professionals have over 20 years of experience with dead animal removal in the San Bernardino area. Give us a call today to take care of your dead animal problem.

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