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Simply by watching a squirrel, one can see that it is a free-spirited daredevil. Jumping from tree to branch to tree to roof without missing a step, they playfully scamper across yards and along power lines. With the impressive nimbleness that squirrels possess, it makes them especially hard to catch. In fact, squirrels seem to live a fairly carefree lifestyle, however,  they can create a number of problems for humans. If you notice a squirrel in or around your home, please call a professional trapper. Squirrels cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes all across the US, making them one of the most destructive animals around. All City Animal Trapping is the company to call in San Bernardino. Our company has been trapping and removing squirrels in the area for over 20 years and most importantly, can get the job done right.

Squirrel trapping and removal in San Bernardino

Things to consider when dealing with a squirrel problem:

  • Gimmicks such as repellent powder, spray or noise machines do not work. Do not waste your money.
  • Do not waste your time trying to poison squirrels, they won’t touch it.
  • Even though the attic is the most common place to find a squirrel, they are also found in places like the chimney, between walls, inside wood stoves and in every crevice and room, you can think of.
  • The most commonly encountered species of tree squirrels is the gray squirrel.
  • Squirrel droppings are often mistaken to be the droppings of another animal. A professional will be able to tell you exactly what animal you are dealing with.
  • Do not attempt to remove squirrel droppings yourself, get an expert to do this job.

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At All City Animal Trapping, we have over 20 years of squirrel removal experience in the San Bernardino area. Our tools and effective techniques make us the best in the business. We humanely trap and permanently remove any and all squirrels from your home or office. Our company also cleans, disinfects and deodorizes any mess that they leave behind, therefore keeping you and your family safe. And finally, we find and close any openings that the squirrels used to enter your home. This ensures that you will not be facing another squirrel infestation in a few months. Not all trapping companies take these extra steps, but we feel that it is important to do to get the job done right. Call All City Animal Trapping to take care of your squirrel problem in San Bernardino today.

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