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Pigeons are the rats of the air and are even commonly called “flying rats”. These pesky, annoying birds leave messes all over and are commonly found in major metropolitan areas and around city homes. They love to roost in or around homes, where they will feel safe and secure. Pigeon droppings deface many roofs, monuments, and public spaces. The uric acid (white material) in their droppings is not just unsightly, it can also damage the finish on buildings and automobiles.

Droppings also contain dangerous fungi and bacteria that are potentially harmful to humans. Pigeons are gregarious and tend to be found in small flocks of around twenty to thirty birds. Seeds and grains make up the bulk of their diet, but they are willing to sample just about anything. San Bernardino has its share of pigeons and can create big problems. If you have a pigeon problem in San Bernardino, call All City Animal Trapping. We are the number one company for pigeon removal in the city.

San Bernardino Pigeon Removal & Trapping Experts

Things to consider when dealing with a pigeon problem:

  • The average pigeon requires 30 grams of dry matter per day, that’s roughly 10% of their body weight.
  • Pigeons are highly dependent on humans to provide them with food and sites for roosting, loafing and nesting.
  • Pigeons are commonly found around farm yards, grain elevators, feed mills, parks, city buildings, bridges and other structures. Although they can live anywhere where they have adequate access to food, water, and shelter.
  • Eight to 12 days after mating, the females lay 1 to 3 (usually 2) white eggs which hatch after 18 days.

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Getting rid of pigeons is not an easy task. They need to be removed in a specific manner if you do not want them to return. Our professionals at All City Animal Trapping have the experience and tools to have these messy birds removed from your San Bernardino home permanently. Our tried and true methods are humane and safe. Once we have trapped and removed the birds, we repair any damage they have done and clean, disinfect and deodorize the affected areas. From there, we install exclusion barriers to make sure that pigeons will not make it back onto your property. We take pride in working quickly and efficiently. Give us a call at All City Animal Trapping today to take care of your pigeon problem in San Bernardino.

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